There are a bunch of great folks here on the DCR. I have been fortunate enough to meet a few members in person over the years, purchased some nice parts and even got parts for free. Recently DCR member Mark Z did some very nice work on my valve covers for me and I want to give him a BIG thank you. He installed a custom oil fill plug and fabricated some 1/4 spacers for them. The workmanship is superb and he went out of his way to make sure they came out right - and they did. He went so for as to ask Indy Cylinder head for valve cover bolt pattern dimensions and even sent me templates to check fitment on the heads. Take a look at his work -

These covers had no holes in them other than the bolt holes, now I can put oil in the engine!

Attachment 12200

The spacers are 1/4 thick.

The spacers are screwed to the valve covers with tiny screws and they will seal to the head with an o-ring so no more valve cover gaskets!

Lastly he counter sunk the bolt holes so the allen-head bolts will be flush.

These valve covers are gonna stand out at the next Mopar event I attend and I'm sure somebody is going to ask me about them.

Thanks again Mark!