Time to post the non-Mopar cars you've owned..

11 1969-1971 VW Beetles/Super Beetles. A 1970 was my first car and my first engine rebuild. Did my first automatic (automatic clutch, you still shifted) to 4 speed conversion on the 71 Super Beetle (by "Super" VW meant macpherson front struts and 2 extra HP). I was a VW mechanic for a year and half or so...

1956 4 door and 1957 2 door sedan Chevy's. The 56 had a straight six/auto but it didn't run right and needed body work. The 57 was a complete waste case, my friend got it from same guy I got my 56 from. He gave it to me when he realized it was beyond his ability to fix up. (He already had a 55 4 door that would smoke most 60's muscle cars). it was so bad water had frozen inside a cylinder and pushed the cylinder into the water jacket. (Shame it was a 283 Power Pack block with fuelie heads) It went to the scrap yard, the 56 got sold to someone I used to work with.

1966 Pontiac Lemans. This car was a blast to drive, only 60K on the clock, it needed a timing chain to get running. My intention was to make a GTO clone of it but once I found the frame rotted where front section met the side. No body shop would touch it, So it got stripped for parts and scrapped.

1972 Chevelle.. biggest mistake of my life, but all I could afford at the time. Drove it home needed so much work I gave up on it and sold it.

1979 Chevy Camaro Z28 350 4spd 3.73 pegleg rear. Got it when stationed in San Diego, put headers and duals on it, muffler shop flipped when I drove it in with no cats on it (but did a exhaust anyways). Put a used 305 in it with one car head and one truck head and a used PAW (anyone remember them?) cam it it and would eat Grand Nationals for breakfast.

1990 Chevy S-10 4.3V6 5spd. Quick little truck, pretty evenly matched against a buddy's 5.0 tricked out Mustang (daddy worked for Ford). It was a lemon due to unfixable rear wheel ABS.

1991 Chevy S-10 4.3V6 auto. Engine blew 2 weeks after buying it. After that it was a good truck.

1993 Chevy Lumina Z-34 with a V6 made by Mercury Marine. Comfy and fast cruiser.

1991 GMC S-15 Jimmy 4X4... damn that was fun in the mud and to go off roading with. (owned it 8yrs before getting the Dakota)

2000 VW Jetta an ok Econobox, put 145K miles on it in 3yrs

2003 Chevy 1500 pickup.. even with V6 fuel mileage sucked. Got rid of it a week before Katrina hit.

2005 Toyota Corolla The absolute most reliable car I've ever owned. Never saw the inside of a dealer or repair shop. for 300K miles it was just tires and brakes (did shocks once). Starter went at 300K, then A/C condensor blew at 305K, finally sold it at 307K miles. And I ed the hell out of it and clutch was still good when I sold it.

2011 Ford Fusion.. needed a family car as I was taking care of a elderly parent.

2016 Chevy Cruze needed a econobox and it was only thing available with a 5 speed

2017 Chevy standard cab pickup.. needed a truck and it was the only standard cab around.