Hello Mike,

May I disagree with that? I can't speak for the DCR as I'm not a moderator who has access to the behind the scenes information that you and Kevin can see, but I can speak from my past experiences as a moderator on other Mopar websites where there were indeed a fair number of "lurkers" who had been a "member" for many years without ever participating in anyway.

Regarding my statement of the DCR seeing many more visitors than members on a daily basis, below are the current visitors vs members ratio when I signed on to do this post.

Currently Active Users

There are currently 276 users online. 2 members and 274 guests

While this IS a normal occurrence on just about every website, the fact that the DCR rarely sees more than two or three members at a time on a daily basis is deeply concerning to me. If you have that low a number of members on site on a daily basis and those few members don't participate by posting replies to existing threads or starting a new thread, how long can the DCR survive? Members need to realize that if not for you and Kevin the DCR would have gone the way of your coaster websites years ago as well and I DO NOT want to see that happen!