.....and as we both know, Facebook was never originally set up for specific topic related boards such as the DCR and it still isn't. It was designed as a chat room where anybody and everybody can join in the conversation, so keeping a specific topic going is challenging at best.

"Guests" can be anyone from casual visitors to search engines trolling the site, so we really can't go by that. I can tell you that since Feb 2018 we actually have more traffic on the board (as in data transfer) these past few months than back then. That could be because we allowed larger pictures, or more visitors taking a peak.
OK Mike, but I think that you will agree with me that when the "search engine trolls" come visiting it's usually very easy to see in most cases due to the large spike in the "guest" numbers and can we agree than when we both visit the DCR website day or night there are rarely more than two or three "members"?

Do you think allowing visitors more access to the DCR would help? Maybe allowing them access to everything with the exception of replying to existing threads or starting a new thread?

Might it also be beneficial to start a thread asking members to explain what they do and don't like about the Facebook version of the DCR and what they do and don't like about the website version? Maybe that would help narrow down what really needs to be addressed on both venues over and above the picture posting issues here.