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    Mopars you've owned

    Post Mopars you've owned over the years...

    1985.. First one was a 1977 stepside D150 pickup.. 318/auto quick bugger. Ran great til I put a set of 360 heads and cam on it that my boss (in a automotive machine shop) recommended and snapped a valve after 50 miles. Guy refused to honor it, said the piston was fine despite the gouges in the top and "I'll sell you a new valve". So I sold it for $100

    1999 Dodge Dakota Standard cab. Reportedly one of the last LA 318/5 speeds Dodge made. Only had it 6 months as even when babied it would only get 17mpg on the highway

    2001 or so.. saw an ad for a 68 Roadrunner in paper. ran great, but floors and trunk were removed due to rust. Next to it was a fairly solid looking 66 Coronet 500. Had a 440 in it and a 727 out of a 71 R/T Challenger vert (yes that trans could be worth a lot of money to someone). Drove it for awhile found rot on the trans crossmember, pulled carpets and found floors rotten. Fixed crossmember and floors, then found out rear rails and crossmember were holding on by a prayer. Dug more into it, needed 3 frame rails, 1 front shock mount, inner fenders and rear shock crossmember. Estimate just to fix that was more than car was worth, so stripped it for parts, made most of my money back and gave lot away.. It's now a front fender on a Hyundai built down south..

    Bought a 67 out of NC, only rust on car was front floors and small patch in trunk. took drivetrain from 66, redid motor/trans and went high 11's in it. Motor took a dump with overheating, so put a 383 with EFI, converted to 4spd with Gear Vendors, added sway bars front and back and it's a blast to drive. Still have it 18yrs later. Needs a paint job but that's a major undertaking, I just want to drive...

    2011 Dodge Ram 1500 standard cab long bed stripper. 5.7L motor, it was fun as hell to drive. Traded it in for a family car.

    2014? Ram 1500 standard cab short box (first year of Ram brand, still had Dodge logos inside). V6 motor, good gas mileage. Got rid of it after someone rammed into back bumper and a week after replacing it someone did it again.

    1973/4 Dodge D150 standard cab short box. Leaning tower of power and 4spd. Could never get it to run right (frigging lean burn) so gave it to a friend in NC, he needed a project to keep him occupied.

    2019 Ram 1500 Longhorn Mega Cab short box. 5.7L motor, wrecked it 3 months after I bought it. Initial estimate was $7900, final total was over $28K. 7 months in body shop hell due to dealer not doing their job on the unobtainable steering rack. It's fast as hell and does a hell of a burnout...
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