My first Mopar: 1970 Road Runner 383 auto, Triple green(drove me nuts) very rough but fun all year round driver for Colorado. $400

Then a : 1968 Charger 318 auto beautiful near mint condition B5 with black top blue interior. I wanted to drive all the states right out of high school by myself and this car impressed. One flat tire and a coil wire failure. $500

Then: 1967 Coronet 500 383 auto, gold black top gold interior. The car that sold me on Coronets , I love everything about them. The engine blew and I really cannot remember what I did with it. I remember seeing an Dodge ad in a old magazine for a red `67 R/T and fell in love, so I decided that is what I will find someday. $200

Then I found Max , pretty rough but right color right trans, just right everything. $1,350

Then there were allot of just buy and sell cars because they were all over to play with back then.
: `67 New Yorker $350
:`68 Hemi Road Runner then 383 powered $100
:`70 Hemi Challenger all original getting worn out but fun. In college at the time so not a good commuter car. Paid $5,000 for it so that was a record purchase price for me.
: I built a `73 Challenger out of two wrecked ones just for fun. $ dunno

:Then I wanted to build a truck since I have never had one so I built Tank starting with just a bare frame because it only $100 and it went from there.

: Then 1958 Power Wagon AL kind of fell in my lap because I just loved the way it looked. Powered by a 392 Hemi and I drive it all the time to this day.$3000

Those are the ones I remember anyway.

Good times for sure.