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    Part 1:
    The Mopars I've owned over the years include the following.


    (01) 1970 Dodge Challenger SE, Dark Green Metallic, Green vinyl top, green interior, 383 Magnum, automatic transmission, power steering and brakes, factory a/c (no pictures)

    (02) 1967 Dodge Coronet R/T race car project, bought as a roller without an engine or transmission, faded Light Green Metallic, originally a 440, 4 speed car. Pictures taken the day my brother-in-law and I bought it. Never did anything with it and we sold it soon after we bought the 70 Cuda shown below.

    (03) 1970 Plymouth Cuda 440 Six Pack, originally painted in Eggshell White with a Green interior but without writing a novel about how this car ended up as it was when my brother-in-law and I bought it in 1980 I'll just mention that it no longer had any of it's original sheet metal except for the roof and quarter panels and it also no longer had it's original dashboard assembly so we had no idea at the time that it was an original 440 Six Pack car with a factory installed Hemi 4 speed transmission. When we bought the car it had a 1966 426 Hemi engine and the original Hemi 4 speed transmission and the original Dana 60 rear axle assembly with 3.54 gears and a Sure-Grip unit. It had a fiberglass Six Pack hood, fiberglass front fenders, fiberglass doors and a fiberglass deck lid. The missing original dashboard assembly had been replaced with a one piece fiberglass Sox & Martin dashboard shell. The car had been painted in Gloss Black with custom Gold stripes and had a stripped down Black race car interior. Before my brother-in-law and I tore it down to rebuild it into a non street legal 10 second race car it ran low 11 second quarter mile times and would easily pull the front end off the ground when launching the car off the starting line at the drag strip or um...on the street! LOL! (there is some poor guy who owned a 1968 Ford Mustang fastback back in the early 80's who to this day regrets taking the Cuda on at a stop light!) We still own this Cuda but it was never finished and currently sits in my brother-in-laws garage. My wife and I refer to it as "The Money Pit".......

    As it looked after we bought a set of steel doors and had installed a brand new narrowed Mark Williams Dana 60 with 5.13 gears and a spool unit and the Mopar Super Stock leaf springs had been moved inboard. Wheels are Weld Draglites, 15x4 in the front and 15x14 in the rear. Aluminum wheel tubs had also been installed around this time

    As the car looked in the 90's. We bought and installed an NHRA legal (at that time) roll cage and the car had been primered after reworking the rear wheel wells for the large rear slicks. The 426 Hemi had been pulled and in it's place I had a 13.5 to 1 compression 440 professionally built for the car. The original factory Hemi 4 speed transmission had also been pulled and in it's place a heavy duty full manual automatic transmission with a reverse shift pattern was installed. At this point in time all that was needed to fire the car up was to rewire the complete car but that never happened so that 440 has never been started to this day.

    These pictures are around the same time and show the one piece fiberglass front clip we had purchased that turned out to be more trouble that it was worth!

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