1973 Dart Sport First car I ever bought. Frame rot took that one.
1970 Super Bee 383 4speed. Sold it for pennies on the dollar
1977 Charger Devoured gasoline and couldn't go 100mph. Traded in on a...
1980 Dodge Omni 024 2.2 4 or 5 speed? Loved that car but learned you can't slow quickly on a curve in a front wheel drive car, ended up on the roof.
77 or 78 Ramcharger Liked it but it just wasn't practical so traded it in on something else.
1969 Coronet 440 Super Bee tribute. I think I like working on it more than driving it because I change something on it almost every year.
1974 Dodge Dart project that I'm really dragging my feet on.
1998 Dodge Stratus (wife's car) Stolen and totaled by teenagers. They tried stealing another when they wrecked it but the homeowners were both State Troopers so that didn't work out for them.
2008 Ram 1500 standard cab long bed. 4.7 ran ok and 8ft beds are the bomb! Traded in on my present truck
2015 Ram Quad cab 5.7 Hemi. Only had 23k when I bought it last year. Took it to Carlisle last year when I didn't get the Coronet's steering box back in time, took 2nd place in it's class! Love it
2014 Charger V6 ( wife's car) She loves it and when I talk about getting a newer one she just brushes it off.