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    Image uploading

    I know many people have been having issues uploading images to the board. Unfortunately, the software is so old (2013) it can't handle large file sizes even though it is set to, and it's no longer supported by the company in any way,shape or form. And since I'm not a website developer, I'm just a schlub who works on cars, I'm at the mercy of others who have said "try this" only to make things workse. The problem lies in the majority of pictures are taken with cell phones, which have higher resolution than most handheld camera's did in 2013. Therefore, the images are quite large. I've got the board set to accept larger pictures than even a Iphone 11 Pro on max resolution can take, and it still bombs the server out. The only alternative I can offer everyone is resize your images to 1024X768 before uploading. Then they will go without a problem, even on a cell phone. Also, switch to the full version of the site when on a phone or tablet. The mobile version is pretty bad if you haven't noticed.

    I looked into upgrading the software to another version that is popular amongst other sites, but the cost is prohibitive with the amount of users we have and activity here.

    I was able to fix it so images appear full size instead of thumbnails like before. So that should help some in viewing images. However, this only applies to new images, it doesn't fix the ones that currently exist.

    Wish it was better news, but unfortunately forums like this have gone the way of dial up BBS's or Assholes On Line.. another alternative came along and left em behind.
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