Heart Healer - "The Metal Opera By Magnus Karlsson" - complete album - released in March 2021.


Magnus Karlsson: guitar, keyboards, bass guitar
Daniel Tengberg: cello
Erika Sävström Engman: violin
Anders Köllerfors: drums, percussion
Original country: Sweden
Style of music: Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Symphonic Metal

Additional Guest Vocalist Personnel:

Adrienne Cowan: vocals
Ailyn Gimenez: vocals
Youmna Jreissati: vocals
Netta Laurenne: vocals
Noora Louhimo: vocals
Margarita Monet: vocals
Anette Olzon: vocals

(01) "Awake" (00:00)
(02) "Come Out Of The Shadows" (07:41)
(03) "Who Can Stand All Alone" (13:46)
(04) "Back To Life" (19:46)
(05) "Into The Unknown" (25:34)
(06) "When The Fire Burns Out" (32:45)
(07) "Evil's Around The Corner" (38:00)
(08) "Mesmerized" (43:19)
(09) "Weaker" (48:37)
(10) "This Is Not The End" (55:17)