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Thread: Radio DCR - Complete Album And Concert Thread

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    Radio DCR - Complete Album And Concert Thread

    Radio DCR is back!!!

    After having this complete album and concert thread on the old board, I've found that there might be a few things that I could do to make using this thread easier for everyone, so I will be adding a few new features on this new thread. These new features will include the following.

    (1) As this thread grows larger with lots of page listings, I will be adding individual page links for each page in the "table of contents". Once you locate the page in the table of contents where the music is that you want to listen to is, all you will need to do is left click on that page link and you will be taken directly to that page. Then you can scroll up and down that page for the music that you're looking for. It should hopefully be a time saver for everybody.

    (2) In this new thread, I'm also going to be listing the year that the albums were released, or the concerts happened if possible. This will also allow me to put the albums in the correct date order that they were originally released for some of you that enjoy that type of information like I do. I have also decided to post song track listings for each album and set lists for all live concerts if they are available.

    (3) As with the old thread, I will be adding and deleting artists and individual music videos as they come and go on You Tube, which is almost daily, so if an artists, or album isn't listed yet that you're looking for, or is deleted from You Tube for some reason, please check back ever so often and see if it's been added or relisted. As of September 11, 2013, I will also be posting all changes that I've made each day in the table of contents after each artists name so that you will know of any recent changes for any given artists. This new feature should hopefully also be a time saver for you.

    One last thing that is extremely important to me regarding this thread and any other music threads that may be started in this music forum, is the following:

    I do not own ANY of the copyrights for ANY of these music videos, or the recorded live concerts. I post them here on the DCR for ENTERTAINMENT purposes only! Please do NOT download ANY of these music videos! If you hear, or see a video that you'd like to own, PLEASE support the artists, or group by going out and purchasing their music! Thanks for understanding and following this one simple request!


    As of 3-31-2018 I have fixed all of the corrupted page links for each page posted in the "Table Of Contents" below.


    P.S. I run an "ad blocker" feature on my Linux based computer operating system, so I do not see ANY of the ad's that might be present on some or all of the You Tube music videos that I've posted in this thread, so if you are not running an "ad blocker" feature on your computer system you may experience ad's before, during and after these You Tube videos.
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