Eclection - "Eclection" - complete album - released in August 1968.


Georg Hultgreen: vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Michael Rosen: vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, trumpet
Trevor Lucas: vocals, bass guitar
Kerrilee Male: vocals
Dorris Henderson: vocals
Gary Boyle: guitar
John "poli" Palmer: vibraphones
Gerry Conway: drums, percussion, backing vocals
Original country: London, England
Style of music: Folk Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Progressive Rock

Additional Personnel:

Phil Dennys: orchestral arrangements
Joel Brodsky: cover photography
Jac Holzman: U.S. recording supervisor, production supervisor
William S. Harvey: photography, art direction
Damon Lyon-Shaw: engineer
Ossie Byrne: producer

(01) "In Her Mind"
(02) "Nevertheless"
(03) "Violet Dew"
(04) "Will Tomorrow Be The Same"
(05) "Still I Can See"
(06) "In The Early Days"
(07) "Another Time Another Place"
(08) "Morning Of Yesterday"
(09) "Betty Brown"
(10) "St. Georg & The Dragon (Up The Knight)"
(11) "Confusion"