Blue Mountain Eagle - "Blue Mountain Eagle" - complete album - released in May 1970.


David Price: vocals, rhythm guitar, songwriter
Randy Fuller: vocals, bass guitar, guitar, songwriter
Bob "BJ" Jones: vocals, lead guitar, songwriter
Joey Newman: vocals, lead guitar, keyboards, songwriter
Don Poncher: vocals, drums, percussion, songwriter
Original country: United States, Los Angeles, California
Style of music: Psychedelic Rock, Acid Rock

Additional Personnel:

Bill Halverson: producer, engineer
Mike Zalk: director
Gary Burden: art direction, design
Boyd Elder: art direction, design
Robert Knight Company: photography
Henry Diltz: photography

(01) "Love Is Here" (00:00)
(02) "Yellows' Dream" (04:26)
(03) "Feel Like A Bandit" (07:13)
(04) "Troubles" (10:18)
(05) "Loveless Lives" (13:27)
(06) "No Regrets" (17:00)
(07) "Winding Your String" (21:13)
(08) "Sweet Mama" (24:09)
(09) "Promise Of Love" (28:26)
(10) "Trivial Sum" (31:30)