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PROUD 1975 Coronet Custom owner 11yrs!
Hey ya'll. just wanted to get back on here as of previous acct deleted.
I will update pictures of my car/project been working on Iron Buffalo long time!
1975 dodge coronet 2 door custom hardtop.

1967 340 block Isky 264 mega-cam, Edelbrock rpm air gap intake, "J" Heads comp valve springs, lifters, push rods, double roller timing chain.

Sniper EFI system installed recently and works well.

dual exhaust t/a style w/ long tube headers- side exit exhaust

trans- a-833 4 speed (conversion, used to be a/t)

Glad to be back!
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oh and i want to know what 8.75 rear fits the later b-bodys? I am shopping for a rear which are super$$$$$$$$ expensive. considering building my 8.25 instead. I have wailed on it many times doing burnouts w/ 2.71 rear gears.
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Welcome back!!
The Idaho Andy
Max is so fast I had to put a Quadrajet on it to slow it down so Ol Blue could keep up
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I have heard to pickup rear ends work in the b-bodys. I found a 9.25? i think
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Welcome to the site! Sounds like you have a cool car. As far as the width of the rear I would get a tape measure and see what width you have in the car now and find one close. You will most likely have to move the spring perches when you put it in your car.
Clean as a whistle 
Smelling like a rose
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Not sure what the dimensions are on a 75, but maybe this will help you find a rear that's close


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I love Mopars so much I'm date coding the skid marks in my underwear.

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